Kid-Friendly Places in Jacksonville, FL

Planning a vacation is all worth it when you finally have the perfect opportunity to let off some steam. There’s a strong build of excitement thinking about the new things you can experience when you decide to take a trip to Jacksonville, FL. You may have a well-planned schedule to enjoy every second of your trip, but everything becomes complicated when you have kids.

Children might not have the same liking when it comes to the places of interests you have in mind. Not to mention the fact that kids are known to have a short attention span, you might find yourself troubled in keeping them entertained all the time. Today, we share the best places that you can go to in Jacksonville, FL that both you and your kids can enjoy.


Dazzling Beaches

Jacksonville has a long coastline which can give you no reason not to visit a beach at any point during your vacation. You’ll be sure that your family would have the time of their lives with all the beach activities such as fishing, kayaking, paddle-boarding or even a game of volleyball. Kids would love to frolic on the water or build impressive sand castles while you and your partner can share some laughs along with refreshments such as soda.

Here are some of the beaches that we highly recommend:

  • Jacksonville Beach – this beach is best known for the best waves.
  • Atlantic Beach – a quite popular destination for surfers and bicyclist.
  • Neptune Beach – located between Jacksonville Beach and Atlantic Beach, a more laid-back mood awaits you.

Educational Spots

Jax is a place thriving with cultural diversity thus gives you and your family a chance to learn something distinct and have fun at the same time. Time to let your kids ditch their gadgets and get more hands-on experience in learning. Here are some places with being educational to both you and your kids:

Museum of Science and History

MOSH makes kids have more excitement in learning as it is loaded with nice history and science artifacts. You can watch planetarium shows and other exhibits if you opt for a membership.

Timucuan Ecological & Historical Preserve

A more historical learning is to be expected here as you will tour to different areas such as the Kingsley Plantation. The relaxing sound of the waters and the beauty of the woods can be a great escape from all that hustle and bustle.

Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

Kids are in for a treat as they will see wild animals such as bobcats, lions, black leopards and so on. This facility lets them see the animals up close and even catch feeding time.

The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens

If your kid is the next best artist in the making, then this will be a great place to stimulate his love for the arts. Explore lush gardens and interesting artworks. Kids can enroll in art classes to let them express their creativity.

There are other exciting places in Jacksonville that you could enjoy with your kids and make your vacation a complete success. Whatever your interests are, you’ll be sure to find the right place!

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