This is a list taken directly from one of the drawings. The show is first and foremost about drawing and being able to get images and ideas out of my head in a clear and direct way. The drawings show and hold this energy.

In the sculptures, or floating heads – I am thinking about choices – about what we carry with us as humans and what we choose to do with the items we carry (Time Collectors, Shivs, Communication Devices, Peace Offerings).

           Floating Heads


            Time Collectors_




            Communication Devices_


            Peace Offerings


            Least Moves Possible


            Clear and Direct Moves









            PinPoints/Labor Issues


            Past Visions






            Filter Limiter


            Open Filter


            Holding Units


            WORK HARDER


            Blockers Individual




            FUCKing FOCUS






            Comes in with…


            Home Base




            Life Form










            Information VS Decoration




                       Slices or Sections


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Image: Total Cover Up, 2012
Graphite, oil stick, correction fluid and ink on paper
24 by 18 inches